Taisu Ventures partnering up with UCLA Anderson to sponsor the upcoming Unchained Blockchain Business Forum 

Taisu Ventures is proud to sponsor The Unchained: Blockchain Business Forum on February 2nd at the respected UCLA Anderson Campus, actively contributing to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. The event gathers industry leaders for insightful talks and panels, and Taisu Ventures will join the Crypto Investments and DeFi panel. Engaging with other experts and professionals, the sponsorship aligns with Taisu Ventures’ commitment to knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts in advancing the understanding of blockchain technology. Hosted by AnderTech and EA, the 2nd Annual Unchained: Blockchain Business Forum aims to attract 150-200 attendees on February 2nd, 2024, fostering connections and enriching the blockchain community.

Taisu Ventures: an early-stage web3 investor, investing globally in infrastructure, DeFi, gaming, and user platforms.

Taisu Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that supports entrepreneurs dedicated to building the future with blockchain technologies. Taisu Ventures invests mainly in the early-stage startups chain-agnostically. With a team of experts with profound knowledge and experience in business development, engineering, and finance in web3, the team is committed to helping their portfolio companies grow and scale by providing access to expertise across all stages of the business while building the blockchain ecosystem globally. Taisu Ventures is on a mission to bridge all the blockchain ecosystems across the globe by connecting entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, and industry leaders with their network in Asia, the US, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

AnderTech, UCLA Anderson’s Technology Business Association, serves as the key conduit for MBA students entering the tech industry. Aligned with its mission, AnderTech empowers students to excel in tech roles through effective resource utilization, including collaboration with the Easton Technology Management Center. The club’s focus on Blockchain and Web3 reflects its commitment to staying abreast of emerging trends.

Entrepreneur Association (EA) collaborates with the Price Center to foster the entrepreneurial community at Anderson. EA provides educational and networking opportunities for students interested in startups, venture activities, and emerging spaces like blockchain and Web3. Both AnderTech and EA play pivotal roles in shaping a dynamic ecosystem, offering students diverse pathways to success in technology, entrepreneurship, and related fields at UCLA Anderson.

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