Taisu Ventures hosted the Web3 track in the Treehacks Hackathon at Stanford

Thank you, @treehacks, our amazing panelists, and entrepreneurs for this memorable Hackathon at Stanford last weekend! :evergreen_tree:

During our first panel, we shared honest advice on how to raise capital from VCs, teaching founders the key to successfully raising venture funding. Additionally, our panelists shared key characteristics of the founding team and milestones that investors like to see before investment. Following that, we had a second panel where 4 companies shared their insights on how to take a blockchain company from 0 to 1.

Key highlights:

  • 4 tracks
  • +1.1k hackers
  • Panel: How to raise capital from VCs – featured by @THAYASHIDA, @ mona_hautala, @bentsai, @Mavymix, @KC_SNZ,
  • Entrepreneurs pitch: how to take web3 company from 0 to 1 – featured by Charles Cheng, Euterpe, Jack He, Aspecta, Stark Zhang, HypeX, Georgi Koreli, Hinkal

The hackathon also featured other participants & sponsors including Ava Labs, YCombinator, TerraAPI, Intel, Canva, and Pear VC.

Thank you Luke and TreeHacks team! :pray::rocket:

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