TAISU VENTURES, a Web3-focused Venture Capital, Completes the First Close of its Maiden Fund – Taisu Ventures

Institutional investors from domestic and international markets, along with a leading blockchain layer 1 company, participated in the fund as LPs, raising a total of 8.83 billion Japanese Yen (USD 56.25 million)

Taisu Ventures Fund GP Ltd (Managing Partner: Takashi Hayashida, hereinafter “Taisu Ventures”), a venture capital firm which specializes in the Web3 domain, is pleased to announce that its first fund, Taisu Ventures Web3 Fund Limited Partnership (the “Fund”), established in October 2023, has successfully completed its first close, raising a total 8.83billion Japanese Yen (USD 56.25 million) from institutional investors both domestically and internationally, as well as blockchain protocol operating companies as of April 30, 2024 .

The final close of the Fund is scheduled for October 2024.


Led by Managing Partner Takashi Hayashida, Taisu Ventures is a Venture Capital firm specialized in Web3/Blockchain.

Taisu Ventures primarily targets four sectors in the Web3 domain with the highest growth potential: blockchain infrastructure utility, DeFi, gaming, and platforms.

About the Fund

Established in October 2023 as the first fund of Taisu Ventures, the Fund is dedicated to discovering new technologies or business models in the blockchain domain worldwide, supporting their development through investments alongside expert teams in business development and engineering. The Fund’s long-term mission is to build a global blockchain ecosystem, connecting entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, and industries worldwide through their networks in Asia, the USA, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Overview of the Fund

Name: TAISU Ventures Web3 Fund Limited Partnership

Total Fund Size: 8.83 billion Japanese Yen (USD 56.25 million) (as of April 30, 2024)

General Partner: TAISU Ventures Fund GP Limited (Managing Partner: Takashi Hayashida)

Date of Fund Establishment: October 26, 2023

LPs at First Close: ELEMENTS CAPITAL RESEARCH LLC, SBI Group and several LPs

Key Investment Focus

The Fund primarily targets four key sectors with the highest growth potential in the Web3 domain: infrastructure utility, DeFi, gaming, and platforms.

Investment Methods

SAFE, SAFT, Equity, Tokens, Convertible Bonds

Investment Track Record

Invested in 62 companies (as of end of April 2024)

Listed tokens: 11 companies

About Taisu Ventures’ Managing Partner, Takashi Hayashida

Takashi Hayashida has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, having worked in investment banks and private equity funds such as Goldman Sachs and BNP Paribas. In addition to his experience in structuring and trading financial products, he also has experience operating trading funds and private equity funds focusing on small-cap companies. Since 2017, he has been investing in and supporting startups related to Web3/Blockchain.

Takashi Hayashida:

“For successful investments in the Web3 domain, I believe that a comprehensive understanding of business development in the Web3 domain, from sourcing to growth support to exit, as well as expertise in private equity, knowledge and know-how in a wide range of areas such as trading and structuring, is essential. Taisu Ventures is a fund that encompasses all of these elements.

For Inquiries Regarding this Press Release

Taisu Ventures – www.taisu.io

Please note that this press release is intended solely to announce the first close of our fund to the general public and is not intended in any way to offer investment management services or solicitations for specific financial products. Additionally, Taisu Ventures does not intend to solicit subscriptions for interests in the fund through this press release.